How To Be Famous

I have been in love with Caitlin Moran since I read her worship-worthy memoir: How To Be A Woman. In its wake she has written a pair of novels loosely based on her life leaving the Midlands of England at 17 to become a rock journalist in the 1990s. This summer her fictional self, Johanna, continues the story of her teenage apotheosis and becomes “famous” via the kind of shameful event that only the most guilelessly adventuresome teen could unwittingly engineer. The best thing about this book is the love story. I was so taken with the way Johanna falls in love (and is fallen in love with) that I read that chapter three times. A remarkable story of being known and loved for exactly who you are. Warts, wisdom and all. (The book is sexually graphic, so keep that in mind.) – Becky Ford


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